In October 1968 Edward Bawden visited the Fine Art Society in Bond Street hoping that they would put on an exhibition of his work. At that time Peyton Skipwith was a junior member of the staff there. A friendship developed between them that lasted to the end of Bawden's life in 1989.

Dear Edward records their correspondence over the years they knew each other. The relationship between artists and their galleries has changed since those days, and so has the means of communication, so such an exchange is unlikely to be repeated.

The book is currently on the press. It is set in Monotype Joanna Italic and the size of the page will be 220 x 150 mm. It will be hard bound in a new Bawden pattern paper and there will be five full page reproductions of his lino cuts, as well as abput fifty other smaller ones. It will have 240 pages.

David Gentleman, who was taught by Bawden at the Royal College of Art, has written an introduction.

Publication will be in autumn 2016 and the book will cost £140, with a special price of £90 for pre-publication orders.

You can reserve a copy at the pre-publication price here.

12 Pinchin Street, London E1 1SA   020 7488 9800





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